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Welcome to the Homepage & Blog of Jürgen Kanz

I hope you will find some interesting information on my website. Please let me know your opinion about some topics or areas of improvement that you have identified.

Why this website and blog?
Active Systemic Thinking fascinates me.
Systemic thinking is the ability to see connections and interrelationships across disciplines, functions, organizations, people, trends, and cultures in ways that lead to insightful analysis and innovative, sustainable solutions.
This approach does help me to get a better understanding of the world as it is.
My intention is to share some of my insights, the tools and other aspects with interested readers via my website and blog.

My personal objectives:
  • To gain a better understanding of the world as it is.
  • To become an intelligent citizen of the world.
  • To develop a clear thinking.
  • Understand data and use it.
  • To decide, to develop strategies and to find solutions to problems in a better way as in the past.
  • Assist other people in overcoming their problems.

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News on my blog:
What is "TOC - Theory of Constraints"?
What is the "TOC - Theory of Constraints"? A definition of the management philosophy and its mayor elements.
Published by Jürgen Kanz - 17/5/2019
Excursion: horses, zebras and a blanket cover
Application of Neural Networks to transform images of horses to zebras, zebras to horses, and a horse with blanket cover
Published by Jürgen Kanz - 11/5/2019
My notes in January 2019
My notes in January 2019: articles, quotes, and more
Published by Jürgen Kanz - 3/2/2019
The needed skills for the digital future
What skills will be required in a changing and digitized future? Jürgen Kanz answers this question and gives some hints.
Published by Jürgen Kanz - 21/1/2019
Can we trust in artificial intelligence without a critical evaluation?
Analysis about the results of a deep learning test with real world data. Can we have full trust about the results already today?
Published by Jürgen Kanz - 17/1/2019
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