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Welcome to my Homepage & Blog
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"Progress in understanding requires that we challenge basic assumptions about how the world is and why is it that way."

Eliyahu M. Goldratt
This website is ultimately a consolidation of many online profiles and pages on the web that I've been using for years. This means that the content of this homepage soon replaces all other distributed sites on various platforms. That means for me that it will be more difficult to be found in the internet, but ultimately a big time saving for me. I think it's important to have an online presence today in order to create a communication base on topics with others and to present my own positioning. This is how a new German-language blog was created, through which I would like to share my thoughts with interested readers.
In this English language version of my homepage is also a blog. It remains to be seen if I will always be able to sync both blogs. However, I suspect that I will not succeed.
I wish you much fun on my pages. About comments, hints, suggestions, etc., I would be very grateful.
My thinking

Like many other people, I want to understand the world as it is and why it is that way. This is easier said than understood. Therefore, I went on a journey, studied a variety of different approaches, and tried to take them into daily life. Therefore, you can find corresponding approaches and philosophies in many of my documents. Based on this perspective

  • Critical thinking,
  • Analytical thinking,
  • Logical thinking,
  • Systems thinking,
  • Model thinking,

became particular important to me. The combination of all these approaches is what I call Systemic Thinking. I go into details on specific websites, blogs, and other media.

The Thinking about the word of God (bible) has the same importance for me. It is not only the thinking about my personal relationship with the triune God, it is also vitally to get deeper insights about the relationship and behavior between men.
My Objectives

  1. To get a better understanding about the world and whay it is that way.
  2. To become an intelligent citizen of the world.
  3. To become a clearer thinker.
  4. To understand and use data.
  5. To better decide, strategize, and design.
  6. To better solve problems of others.

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My Blog-Feed
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Emotion, Logic and Intuition
Can we trust our intuition / gut feeling? Juergen tries to give an answer and takes into acoount impulses by Eli Goldratt and Daniel Kahneman.
Published by Jürgen Kanz - 5/1/2019
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