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What is "Systemic Thinking"?

Jürgen Kanz
Published by in Systemic Thinking · 22 May 2019
Tags: SystemicThinkingSystemsThinkingTOCTheoryofConstraints
Systemic Thinking is ...

  • the ability to see connections, patterns and interrelationships across disciplines, functions, organizations, people, trends, and cultures in ways that lead to insightful analysis and innovative, sustainable solutions,
  • the fruitful combination of Analysis and Synthesis, and
  • a mix of several supporting thinking approaches.

Why do I add Biblical Thinking?
Thinking about the Word of God (Bible) is equally important to me because it is not only thinking about my personal relationship to the Triune God, it is also thinking about the relationship and behavior patterns of people among themselves.

My preference:
Personally I prefer to think about systems by application of the  logical TOC-Thinking Processes as a base. In general systems thinking leads to a deeper understanding of relations in nature, technology, living, organizations, business and society. It improves my thinking skills  to identify and solve problems and challenges in a more coherent and reasonable way. Furthermore it allows me to detect core problems or core conflicts behind a number of negative effects. The development of solutions is than of course the next step.

As Eli Goldratt wrote in The Choice about continous improvement of thinking skills:
"The more we try, the more we will improve our thinking skills, and the better results we will get."

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