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The big slogan and the potential real value of Industry 4.0

We are told that in order to keep with the quick changes in the world, facing the fiercer competition, manufacturing organizations have to join the fourth industrial revolution called Industry 4.0, which is a very big suite of different new technologies in the field of IT, namely the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence and robotics....
...There are two significant threats that new technology might create. First, push management to invest heavily on technology that is still half-baked and its potential value is, if at all, small. Second, cause loss of focus on what brings value and what not. Trying too many ideas, investing money and management attention on too many issues, could end with a big loss, or very low value.

This post liefert einen Beitrag durch die "Sechs Fragen bei neuen Technologien" der TOC-Theory of Constraints
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