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Wolfram Engine 12.0 for Jupyter Notebooks

Jürgen Kanz
Now you can make use of the powerful Wolfram technology for free with the recently released Wolfram Engine 12.0 for Jupyter Notebooks. Get access to the Wolfram Language and apply the technology to Mathematics, Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, etc without cost. Develop your own applications.

Since one year, I am using Wolfram Mathematica for all my computation tasks. A couple of days ago, Wolfram announced to share the Wolfram Engine 12.0 with the world for free. I have installed the Engine in parallel to my Mathematica installation for test reasons. It is easy to connect the kernel to Jupyter with an easy to install additional tool.

This combination makes it now possible to run even complex neural networks for Deep Learning / Artificial Intelligence in Jupyter Notebooks for everyone. A tiny example:

Yes, I have found few bugs and limitations, but it makes the many capabilities of the Wolfram Language, including its knowledgebase, available to a huge audience. Plus, although the Mathematica Front End is much more sophisticated than Jupyter, the latter has some nifty features and, above all, is free.

In case you are interested, here are some useful links:

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