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The Logical Thinking Process - An Executive Summary - Book Review

Jürgen Kanz
Published by in Book Review · 11 November 2018
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This year, William Dettmer has published his ninth book. As he himself says in a video (below), he could not find a different way to briefly present his version of Logical Thinking Process based on the  TOC - Theory of Constraints Thinking Processes.


The book, available as a Kindle e-book and paperback, succinctly describes the LTP (Logical Thinking Process). The individual elements, or rather logical trees, are presented, their context explained and a few practical examples discussed. It contains no clues as how to do what. It does not need that either, because this book is about first imagining the process itself. This opens up the opportunity for the interested reader to examine whether the described methodology suits the reader and whether he wants to learn more or not.

In the introduction chapter to his new book, William Dettmer writes:
"There is a serious lack of Critical Thinking in the world today. People everywhere are bombarded with information from the Internet, magazines, newspapers, television, social media and e-mail. Some of this information is "signal". Most of it is "noise". Most people accept face value the validity (or veracity) of the interpretation those reporting this information give us. In other words, we often put our faith - for plans, decisions and actions - in the hands of those who deliver and interpret the information we receive. That's dangerous."

Thinking Processes are an excellent compilation of different thinking tools to tap information on its truth content. At the same time, in combination, they are also excellent tools for solving complex problems, planning their implementation, resolving conflicts and developing strategies.

Henry Ford once said:

"Thinking is the hardest work there is,
which is probably the reason why so
few engage in it."

Anyone who expects finished solutions to fall out automatically of the application of the processes will be disappointed. The Thinking Processes form a framework, a kind of guide to even develop "breakthrough solutions". But man still has to think himself.

So, if you want to start on your way to discovering and considering the Thinking Processes for yourself, I can recommend the new book by William Dettmer. If you can then say yes to the basic approach, then surely his book "The Logical Thinking Process: A Systems Approach to Complex Problem Solving" is the next right step.

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