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My notes in May 2019

Jürgen Kanz
Published by in Thinking · 30 May 2019
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My Posts in May 2009:

  1. Excursion: horses, zebras and a blanket cover is indead an excursion into the world of Deep Learning with some examples that show how to transform images from horses to zebras and vice versa.  
  2. What is "TOC - Theory of Constraints"? is an introduction to the holistic management philosophy of Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt.
  3. What is "Systems Thinking" in general? is an introduction to systems thinking. There are many similarities between general systems thinking and the TOC-Theory of Constraints. Personally I prefer the application of the logical TOC Thinking Processes to get deeper insights.
  4. What is "Systemic Thinking"? is the last post in this row. It is for me a mix of different approaches with the objective to get a better understanding of the world. TOC and Systems Thinking are fundamental elements of the systemic concept.

New recommended books
I have added some stuff to my page Recommended Books. Here are some of them:

more books on my page Recommended Books

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